a change is gonna come

countdown chain

Like the song says, “A Change is Gonna Come.” And though the change that comes may not be as pronounced as the change that inspired Sam Cooke’s 1964… “it’s gonna come, oh yes it will!”

To adults, change can cause a bit of a bump in the road, but it can be it can be weathered rather seamlessly.  To your wee one, it can be a whole new world. Moving houses, a new sibling, new teacher, a parent out of town, moving to a “big kids bed”, family visitors, or getting over a really bad illness can drastically alter your child’s behavior, temper, or cause some anxiety. Change for children at home requires some adjustment time. 

Keep your child’s teacher in the loop if you and your family are going to change your routine at home. Even if Grandma and Grandpa are visiting from out of town or you are caring for a friend’s pet–a really fun and exciting change can wreak havoc in routines and can cause some unease at school. It’s totally normal and something your child’s teacher would appreciate knowing.

Remember that time is a concept your toddler and early elementary child are unlikely to understand fully. Words like, “next week” or “on the weekend” mean very little to a child who lives in the moment. For a little one everything in the future will happen “tomorrow” and everything in the past happened “yesterday.” It is helpful to create a physical reminder of the upcoming changes. In this blog post, one parent has consolidated some great visuals that may help you as you create some tangible reminders to ramp up the excitement for a change in your life.



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