costume creativity

With just days before the Halloween festivities commence, many parents are frantically searching for the perfect costume for their child.

In a article, with Harris/CIT data, Americans will spend over $15 billion dollars this holiday while the Christian Science Monitor puts that number at around $7 billion ($350 million of which is spent on pet costumes!). So how can you avoid being part of the buying super-hype?

It’s not that hard!

Look around your house for creative ways to use what you already own. An apron and a wooden spoon can make a chef costume, while a tie and a briefcase create a convincing business man. Spike your child’s hair and raid the toy chest for an instrument to invent a rock ’n roll superstar or wear shorts and a vest with a stuffed animal on your shoulder and be a zoo keeper ! Be creative to avoid overpriced (and generic) store-bought costumes.

For more ideas, here’s a parenting website that has helped me in the past…and present!

This year, my children used their creative thinking skills to make their own costumes (with help from mom, dad, and Bomma!) My son used a cardboard box and turned himself into a working vending machine (with proceeds going to his LaunchX MIT entrepreneurship club) while my daughter went to the 2nd hand shop and turned a €1 sweatshirt and a men’s polo shirt in to the Undertale (role-play video game) character, Chara.



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