time to start anew

Every January 1st, many adults make New Years resolutions to begin the year anew. But setting goals is something we can all do. At any age and at any time of year! By helping your child to create an age-appropriate resolution, you will help them learn the importance of reflecting on the past, setting goals, and working towards success (despite the pitfalls) for the future.

Some ideas for resolutions which can include your entire family:

power down: turn off technology more often. Carve out family “sacred time” where technology is not allowed. Spend time being together as a family and reconnect with one another. Whether it’s daily dinner time, weekly game night, an activity in which you and child work together to learn something new, or take the dog for a walk on the beach– this quality time with your family (and not your mobile or tablet) will be invaluable.

say NO to sweets: whether you’re trying to exercise more or eat healthier this new year, your child’s healthy eating habits begin at home. Make sweets a “special time treat” instead of a regular part your day. Substitute a bowl of ice cream for apples or yogurt. Make sweets a weekend-only or “party” food and never make dessert an incentive to clean their plate. Don’t bargain with your child. Set the tone because you’re the boss.

have more fun: sometimes our daily routines are SO stressful that we forget to take time out and enjoy the people we love the most in this world. Make a decision to stop this vicious cycle. Take time to get silly with your child. Have a dance party or pillow fight. Draw together or tell goofy stories at bedtime. Let your children see you smile, laugh, and bring out your own inner child!

If these ideas aren’t quite inspiring you…PBS has some great family-focused ideas for some other family resolutions. Happy 2018!



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